Simple facts about the Firefly vaporizer

Source: - Firefly Vaporizers in all 3 colorsLately there has been a lot of negative publicity about vaporizers in general. Most people are saying that he vaporizers are no better for you that actually smoking the dry herbs. No matter if the dry herbs are tobacco or medical marijuana.

Of course, you can not believe everything that you read on the internet. Especially if it is about something that you know nothing about! That is why it is important to make sure that you brush up on your facts before making any kind of decision.

That is also why I have chosen to give you a few simple facts about the Firefly vaporizer. That way you can make your can come up with your own decision about if the Firefly is a good vaporizer or not.

First, the Firefly vaporizer cannot be used for things like waxes and oils. I know this may comes as a disappointment to most, but the Firefly is not build to for them. However, it is build to be used for dry herbs like medical marijuana and tobacco. So if you are hoping to get a Firefly vaporizer for your medical marijuana or other dry herbs, then the Firefly is the perfect choice for you.

Second, the battery life on the Firefly vaporizer is completely amazing. There is seriously nothing else like it in the vaporizer community. The Firefly battery only takes forty-five minutes to an hour to come to a complete charge. Then you can get anywhere from fifty to sixty hits from the vaporizer with a full charge. Of course, this is based on how hard of a hit you take and how often you use your vaporizer. Keep in mind that the actual amount of hits will vary from person to person.

Third, the Firefly vaporizer comes in only one of three colors. It comes in red, dark gray, and silver. This may not seem like a big deal, however, if you and your spouse want the Firefly vaporizer, choosing a different color may be the only way to keep yours and theirs separate.

Now, these are just three simple facts about the Firefly vaporizer. There are tons of other things that set the Firefly apart from all of the rest of vaporizers. For example, the vape review of the firefly is one of the best vaporizer reviews ever written. You should keep in mind that there are hundreds of different sites that have reviewed the Firefly vaporizer, just none compare to the review written by Vapor-Domain.

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