Final Fantasy Brave Exvius



Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is such a great game! I don’t think I’ve played a better mobile game yet. I used to play Final Fantasy all the time when I was little. Cloud is probably my favorite character in the series even though everyone else loves him too, but he’s not in the game yet. I’m sure he’s coming eventually though. So many people are going to be spending money to get him. Lightning is pretty fun though, she’s really OP.

Playing through the game, I learned that the trust master stuff is really hard to get and it takes a long time. I have a Cecil and he has Excalibur as his trust master reward. It’s a +120 attack sword and I’ve read that it’s one of the strongest in the game so far. I’ve also heard that Zidane’s dual wield is the best ability in the game, so I’m going to try to get that one too. Dual wield lets you attack twice, even if you use an ability. Apparently he’s not that great in the game, though. Zidane is probably my second favorite. But can you imagine, putting both dual wield and an Excalibur? You’d be able to rip through so many battles!

I’ve been looking through a few guides online to make grinding it a bit easier. There seems to be a great way! You can use macros in the game. You can download an emulator to your computer and connect your Brave Exvius account to it if you have your Facebook account on it. Even though I use an iPhone, I connected it to MEmu like Berry Mariner suggested in his trust macro guide. The latest patch made Brave Exvius crash on Nox whenever it tries to load. Oh well! MEmu is pretty cool.

Setting up a macro is a lot easier than I expected! All you have to do is go to the very beginning area and then set it up. You open it up on MEmu and press the play button and it’ll record everything. After you get through the battle like normal, it’ll play by itself. Technology is crazy today! I leave my computer on while I’m at my classes and it goes through like I’m playing. I’ve gotten Cecil up to 18% already! I need to find someone else to do because anyone in your party can raise trust. Well, except for Rain, Lasswell, and Fina. They don’t have trust for some reason.

Trust master farming is pretty tricky though, even with a macro. There’s a lot of stuff that can throw it off. There’s a few times when my materials were full and it made my macro stop. I keep forgetting to clean them out before I start it up again. I’ll learn one day, I guess. You have to remember to sell your stacks of life orbs and stuff. Oh, and if you run out of energy, it’ll break it as well. Sometimes it’ll reset itself if it goes through a couple of times, though.

Anyway, there’s a lot of stuff you can do with a macro. There’s some really advance ones out there that play a whole map for you. I can’t imagine how much work that would take. I checked on the FFBE subreddit (r/FFBraveExvius) for some stuff and there’s a guy on there that made one for the Mogcake event that happened a few weeks ago. That seems a bit much, though. Those events are what make the game fun, even if it’s grinding!

He has a whole listing of a gigantic macro that takes into account things like positioning and “do this when” commands. I can’t imagine how much coding goes into that. I mean, it’s all there, but geez. It’s super long! It has to be at least 200 lines. I think he did it all by hand, too. If you’re that dedicated, then by all means, macro away! You’re crazy, but at least you’re having fun! Haha, I’m kidding of course—about them having fun. (Kidding again, I promise.)

Someone on the subreddit did a bit of calculation with the trust master farming. I think he came up with about a month and a few days of leaving your macro going the entire time. God, that’s such a long time. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do that. …Nah, I’ll be able to. It’s not like I’m actually doing anything, so why not? The game can get pretty hard later on with the new, extra bosses that come out. I barely was able to be Golbez in the Giant of Babel event that happened recently.

Even though it’s taking the playing out of the game with the macro, I think that the trust master system could be a BIT more lenient, you know? I mean, we are getting a few more trust Moogles, I suppose. Those increase your trust master by 5%-10% depending on what kind it is. That’s a lot of time saved, at least. No matter what, though, you should try to get a Zidane and use them on him. Dual wield is the best thing in the game right now!

There’s a new event happening right now, too. I’m going to have to balance out my grinding and trust master farming. I can leave my computer on at night when I sleep and set the macro to delay for five minutes after completing. Doing that guarantees I won’t run out of energy and I’ll have a full tank when I wake up! And then I’ll be able to use the rest of my energy to farm some more in the event. And then go back to the macro! Someone might think I’m addicted to this game if I told anyone about this… Wait a second…

Are invisible dog fences safe?

When it comes to your pet, it is important to make sure that they are taken care of at all cost! That includes making sure that the dog fence that you choose is one hundred percent safe for your pet.

Which begs the question, are invisible dog fences safe?

There are thousands of people that have used invisible dog fence and there have been very few if any reports of dogs being seriously hurt when it comes to this type of dog fence. However, anytime that you are causing your pet physical harm, it is not consider safe.

Now there are some people that will suggest that invisible dog fences are the best dog fence around. Invisible dog fences are great for those that live in a gated community. If you live in a gated community with rules and regulations that could prevent you from building a large dog fence around your home, an invisible dog fence may be a good way to go.

Of course, if you don’t live in an area that has these sort of regulations, you should always choose to get a dog fence that does not shock your pet each time they get near it.

You will want to get a dog fence that is strong and durable. One that will be difficult if not impossible for your dog to jump over. One that your dog will not be able to dig out from underneath. A dog fence that will not only keep your dog inside of your yard but one that will keep other creatures out.

That way your mind can be at ease while you are away from home, knowing that your dog will always be safe in your yard.

If you are not sure about what kind of dog fence you should get besides an invisible dog fence you can get online and take a look at top rated dog fences. This will give you a better idea of what type of dog fence you should be looking for.

As a pet owner, I can honestly say that invisible dog fences are not safe. There are a lot of things that can go horribly wrong when it comes to your dog and an invisible dog fence.

Using an invisible dog fence is like using a shock collier to get your dog to bark so that you can find them. Nothing that harms your pet in any way is considered a safe solution to an easy to fix problem.

Simple facts about the Firefly vaporizer

Source: - Firefly Vaporizers in all 3 colorsLately there has been a lot of negative publicity about vaporizers in general. Most people are saying that he vaporizers are no better for you that actually smoking the dry herbs. No matter if the dry herbs are tobacco or medical marijuana.

Of course, you can not believe everything that you read on the internet. Especially if it is about something that you know nothing about! That is why it is important to make sure that you brush up on your facts before making any kind of decision.

That is also why I have chosen to give you a few simple facts about the Firefly vaporizer. That way you can make your can come up with your own decision about if the Firefly is a good vaporizer or not.

First, the Firefly vaporizer cannot be used for things like waxes and oils. I know this may comes as a disappointment to most, but the Firefly is not build to for them. However, it is build to be used for dry herbs like medical marijuana and tobacco. So if you are hoping to get a Firefly vaporizer for your medical marijuana or other dry herbs, then the Firefly is the perfect choice for you.

Second, the battery life on the Firefly vaporizer is completely amazing. There is seriously nothing else like it in the vaporizer community. The Firefly battery only takes forty-five minutes to an hour to come to a complete charge. Then you can get anywhere from fifty to sixty hits from the vaporizer with a full charge. Of course, this is based on how hard of a hit you take and how often you use your vaporizer. Keep in mind that the actual amount of hits will vary from person to person.

Third, the Firefly vaporizer comes in only one of three colors. It comes in red, dark gray, and silver. This may not seem like a big deal, however, if you and your spouse want the Firefly vaporizer, choosing a different color may be the only way to keep yours and theirs separate.

Now, these are just three simple facts about the Firefly vaporizer. There are tons of other things that set the Firefly apart from all of the rest of vaporizers. For example, the vape review of the firefly is one of the best vaporizer reviews ever written. You should keep in mind that there are hundreds of different sites that have reviewed the Firefly vaporizer, just none compare to the review written by Vapor-Domain.

If you would like to read more facts about the Firefly vaporizer, then you should read this report on the vaporizer industry and it’s future.

Health-Preventing the Problems of Being Overweight

images-6In case you wish to prevent the problems that would come with being overweight, you need to pay attention to your General Health habits. Substantial drinking or getting smashed is not fitting since it can harm your nerves and this impact is liable to be overstated in certain individuals. In the event that you have questions about liquor and your wellbeing, see your medical expert.Similarly, as with liquor misuse, recreational medications are thought to damagingly affect the sensory system and this is prone to be awful for certain individuals. Being overweight can also cause chilblains, which are an issue for some individuals on the grounds that the typical warmth produced by muscle action is absent because of loss of muscle mass and absence of development.

Tips for Preventing the Problems of Being Overweight

images-7It can influence the autonomic nerves which control the veins and along these lines blood stream. This is additionally why the skin looks sketchy and stained. On the off chance that you sit a considerable measure, maybe on the grounds that you utilize a wheelchair, play it safe to maintain a strategic distance from weight wounds. Ensure you utilize an average weight mitigating pad and stretch out on a bed every once in a A physiotherapist or related specialist can show you how to do wheelchair push-ups at consistent interims for the duration of the day utilizing your lower arms instead of your hands/wrists to take the weight off your base. To make sure that you would have the energy to exercise so you do not become overweight, begin the day with a solid breakfast. It refuels your body and gives you vitality for the day. Give yourself a chance to arrange one feast every week and eat together as frequently as could reasonably be expected.

Health Tips for Kids

images-11For the General Health of children, it is important for them to eat gradually. It takes twenty minutes for your mind to enlist that you are full. Eat more vegetables and new natural products. Go for an aggregate of two measures of foods grown from the ground and half measures of vegetables consistently. Eat all the more entire grains. Attempt to eat no less than three ounces of entire grains each day. Drink a lot of liquids. Pick water, low-fat or nonfat drain, and low calorie or eating routine drinks. Serve an assortment of sustenance. Reward youngsters with recognition as opposed to with sustenance. Serve sustenance in littler bits. Try not to request or reward a spotless plate. Let your tyke request increasingly in the event that he or she is still ravenous. Peruse sustenance marks for serving size and calorie data.

Useful Health Tips for Kids

images-10The data on the names can help you select sustenance that best fit into your family’s feast. Consume heated, seared or flame broiled nourishments to decrease fat. As opposed to cooking with spread or vegetable oil, attempt more beneficial forms like olive, canola or sunflower oil. Snacks ought to give supplements and vitality, which are key for dynamic, developing youngsters. Try not to give your tyke vitamin supplements unless they are prescribed by your specialist. Youngsters impersonate their folks, so set a decent case by eating solid nourishments.

images-9Keep an assortment of snacks in the house, for example, crisp organic product, vegetables, entire grain oats, and wafers. Attempt lower calorie or lower fat sustenance, as prepared chips, diminished sugar grains or low-fat dressings. Move more. Attempt to get somewhere around thirty and an hour of physical movement consistently. A few minutes sessions of moderate action every day would also be beneficial. Incorporate standard physical movement into your day by day schedule. Stroll as a family before or after suppers.